I grew up in the Texas Panhandle, left a number of times and lived in a number of other places, but I'm back in my hometown now. From over two decades as a paramedic to becoming a registered nurse then a family nurse practitioner, I have enjoyed not only the technical aspects of medicine, but the heart-to-heart connections with patients throughout the years. I always loved writing.

In my last semester of nursing school, my first book, Blood of Like Souls, was published. Although I worked on that manuscript for more than sixteen years, I continued with the story to the next three books over the next three years. Both the first and fourth books were named Finalist in the Indie Next Generation Book Awards. The fifth came out in October of 2020, while the world was dealing with COVID. The next in June. 

Now that's been a wild ride, hasn't it? I have a lot of opinions about the quagmire of politics littering all over medicine. No matter what any of us think about how it should have been handled, we can't change those decisions now, and there's no sense debating it. It has led to a massive division in almost every element in which a line can be drawn. What most people, in my humble opinion, do not understand is, agreeing with Topic A doesn't necessarily mean you are in 100% disagreement with Topic B. Too many subjects have been made into EITHER/OR linear beliefs, when they are not even directly related, much less opposite.  But I'm not going to change anyone's mind, so why be angry about it? 

Let's agree with each other that everyone needs to be kind to others. Show a little respect. Compassion. Empathy. 

   If you don't feel you are making a difference, you probably aren't. 


Val Conrad

Nurse practitioner, author, photographer