Val Conrad

Nurse practitioner, author, photographer, teacher.

I've recently taken a second step forward with the book series, and in the near future, not only will there be a new release with very different covers, but there books are now available in audio through Audible.

A few weeks ago I went to Raleigh, North Carolina for MurderCon, also known as Writers' Police Academy. I learned a lot, some of which actually had to do with writing and forensics. Mostly I learned how much I've come to dislike flying, renting a car, hustling through a city I have no visual references in, changing hotels, dragging around luggage, etc.  But I loved the conference.  

Still, no one was able to answer my current question I need answered for my book. Guess that leaves me to some wild experimentation on my own. If I end up in jail, I hope someone will start a GoFundMe to bail me out.  Details in Book 5.

As for it, Book 5, title still not quite solidified in my mind yet, starts a short while after the previous book, and well, I can't give anything away.  You might not have caught up yet!  

I'm on track for release in 2020, with a more definitive date as I get a little closer.  

Another seemingly wild and off-topic thought...  My husband has recently delved deeply into Ancestry.Com, and I joined as well.  I've traced lots of family lines back, one to 1200.  In case you wondered, I'm significantly German, English, Scottish, with a hint of Swiss, Prussian, and one odd Australian in the mix.  Back to writing, I've come across a number of unusual names, including Patience, and Contentment.  I'm always searching for uncommon names.  Do you know of any?

Promise to stay in better touch in the coming months, and I've also begun a Twitter account, though I had swore never to do so.  Tweet me at Conrad_Author.  

Chat again soon!